Due to the Accounting Directive Implementation Act (BilRUG) the definition of the revenue has been redefined in the German Accounting Law. In addition to the absence of the reference about the usual business activity of a company the title “Erzeugnisse” in the old version was changed into the title “Produkte”. This modification was made based on the Directive of the European Union (Directive 2013/34/EU), which has amended the previous Directive of 1978. For evaluation purposes, whether there’s a substantial change based on the change of the title from “Erzeugnisse” into “Produkte”, Stallmeyer has made a synoptic analysis.

In doing this we have compared the titles in the Directive 2013/34/EU Article 2 Sec. 5 and Annex III of 26.06.2013 with the titles in the Fourth Council Directive Article 28 and Article 9 of 25.07.1978 in 23 languages and we have come to the following results:

  • After comparison of the Article 2 Sec. 5 (Directive 2013/34/EU) with Article 28 (Fourth Directive) (profit and loss account) we have established, that the titles were changed only in 4 out of 23 countries.
  • As a result of the analysis of the balance sheet structures in the both Directives the tittles don’t correspond only in 2 out of 23 countries.
  • Overall there were no differences between the text in the Directives and the titles in the profit and loss account as well as in the balance sheet structure only in 10 countries out of 23.

Since a conceptual adjustment was made only in few countries it can be assumed, that based on the European Directive 2013/34/EU there’s no content-related impact in connection to the difference between the titles “Erzeugnisse” und “Produkte”.


The synopses are available for download here.