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About stallmeyer

stallmeyer is a mid-sized, partner-managed office for auditing, tax advising, legal advising, accounting and corporate consultation. Competence, trust and personality have been the cornerstones of our work since the 1950s. We still hold true to these values.

Throughout the decades, we have established the highest quality standards to the benefit of our clients. We have the experience and professional knowledge to develop individual solutions for your problems. Together, we will learn about your needs and objectives and develop modern consulting approaches that are tailored to you. With us, competence and theoretical qualifications go hand in hand with years of practical professional experience. Our team will take on your assignments flexibly and dynamically.

We typically communicate with our international clients in English. But we can always bring in interpreters and expert translators in your native language.

We have conveniently situated locations available in the catchment area of the economic centres of Düsseldorf and Köln in northwest Germany.

Tax advice

As expert consultants for international tax advice, we combine professional competence with years of practical experience. In our view, this area entails more than transfer pricing documentation or international contracts. For us, supporting our clients during everyday problems (e.g., when assessing the VAT implications of particular supply and service relationships) is a given. As your close companion, we can develop creative and cost-effective solutions.

Classic tax advising covers corporate and private tax returns – your ongoing tax declarations for all corporate and personal matters. In addition, we also take over the tax planning. Obviously, we also provide advice for company audits and redress procedures and represent your interests before the tax court and the Federal Fiscal Court. As an external service provider, we support you in accounting, reporting and in human resource issues.

Our tax structures are designed for the long term and are legally secure to the highest extent. The benchmarks for our recommendations are your individual goals and corporate focus. We strive toward a synthesis of tax optimization and specific corporate structures.


We perform legally stipulated as well as voluntary business audits of financial statements, including quality control checks and the auditing of financial statements in accordance with national and international guidelines. Moreover, we cover a highly diversified range of audit-related services, from revision to corporate assessments.

We act independently and competently in all these task areas. In so doing, we develop a profound understanding of the way in which you run your business. Our auditing approach is marked by transparency, efficiency and continuity, and targets the safeguarding and success of your firm. This allows us to guarantee the utmost in security for you and those who use your financial statements. The early identification of risks and potential weaknesses as well as areas for improvement are the bases for your successful information management.

Human resources and accounting

The departments of human resources and accounting are closely connected with the daily course of business in your company. In these areas, it is crucial for us to coordinate our services especially closely with your individual needs. This also applies to the desired consulting depth.

Your permanent contact persons are routinely active for you in solid, tried-and-proven processes. They ensure your security and consistency in elementary accounting task areas. If you wish, we can employ enhanced modern technology for you – when studying account statements (account statement manager) or by introducing digital accounting. This allows us to avoid media discontinuities and design more streamlined processes.

With stallmeyer, you can count on punctual, precise and comprehensible payroll accounting, whether externally through your system or internally with our DATEV applications.

Legal advice


We advise you thoroughly and soundly in your individual legal issues, including how to avoid legal disputes before they flare up. In particular, we offer you our expert knowledge in the areas of labour law, corporate law, commercial law, banking and capital markets law, as well as family and inheritance law.

Our strength especially lies in the mutual, interdisciplinary consultation from auditors, tax advisers and attorneys. To us, interdisciplinary consultation means offering different facets of advice from one source and supporting our clients in their implementation.

Corporate consulting

We would like to make a significant contribution to helping you lead your company successfully. We do this by dynamically developing the economic environment.

We stand by your side with a strong competence in business administration. We develop an exact understanding of your business model, create relevant branch information for us and you, and support you effectively with help in making decisions and concrete suggestions for action. Our corporate consultation concepts allow us to accompany your business processes at the operative level, whether this involves restructuring, reorganization, financial optimisation or human resource measures.

Obviously, corporate consultation also includes issues about corporate assessments and due diligence as well as interdisciplinary expert reports and statements.

Your contact partner

Please turn to Herr Larsen Lüngen, auditor, tax adviser, and expert consultant for international tax law.