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Adaptation to new possibilities

DATEV Digital Office

stallmeyer is a digital office and exceeds the criteria set by DATEV for this purpose. All processes were implemented in a resource-saving manner while complying with the highest data protection and data security requirements. All processes from incoming mail to fee invoices can now be implemented digitally without media discontinuity. stallmeyer supports you in all questions of digitalisation and process optimisation.

Digitisation in many areas

We have already digitalised these processes


Digital declaration and data exchange.

The paperless exchange of data, the provision of digital filing structures for clients and digital communication with the tax authorities are part of the daily cooperation between our clients and us. We try to combine the fulfilment of electronic declaration requirements with effective process requirements – without losing sight of personal advice. Digital tax advice at stallmeyer has the following important components:


  • Power of attorney database
  • DATEV My Taxes
  • Digital property tax
  • Digital tax assessment
  • Digital financial report
  • Digital legal remedies
  • eBalance sheet and disclosure in the Federal Gazette
  • Voucherless declaration process
  • Electronic submission of documents to the tax office


Adapt accounting processes to client needs.

Every client is unique. That is why every client needs an individually tailored accounting system. Depending on the industry, size, structure and IT skills, we adapt the joint processes with our client. As a digital office, we want to avoid media discontinuities and integrate existing digital data (bank transactions, outgoing invoice data, payroll accounting data or incoming invoices) in form of interfaces in the client’s systems or in DATEV. With “DATEV Unternehmen Online” as the preferred solution, our clients can access accounting evaluations and documents at any time. Important sub-processes are:


  • “DATEV Unternehmen-Online”
  • “Kassenbuch-Online“
  • Interfaces to debtors
  • Paperless accounting
  • Digital audit
  • Integrated bank transactions
  • Import of PayPal or credit card statements
  • Smartphone scan of receipts
  • Bank statement manager


Punctual, perfect and paperless payroll accounting

Our goal is to provide all services in the sensitive employee area (HR) of our clients with the highest level of perfection, absolute punctuality and as paperless as possible. The data flows into the DATEV LODAS accounting software without media discontinuity via digital pre-recording or individual interfaces developed with the clients. With a secure communication portal (DATEV Arbeitnehmer-Online), our clients and their employees can access all evaluations digitally. In addition, this makes the monthly printout and distribution of the payroll unnecessary. As a digital office, we use the following tools:


  • DATEV Arbeitnehmer Online
  • Payroll accounting
  • Integrated payment processes
  • In-House Pre-Capture
  • Digital personnel file
  • Evaluations in foreign language
  • Interfaces to time recording
  • Reports in DATEV Company Online
  • Converter for time recording systems


Efficient audits with digital processes.

As our clients usually keep their accounts and records digitised, as auditors we can take advantage of the benefits of digitisation. IT-supported audit processes and communication based on a digital exchange of documents can reduce the presence of audit teams on site. While complying with the requirements of the profession, we can avoid media discontinuities in communication and in individual audit steps. Core elements of our digital audit approach are:


  • Digital examination file
  • Data exchange with FTAPI
  • Digital balance confirmation
  • Project support by modern audit software
  • Digital audit reports
  • Transparent audit process
  • Data analysis & journal entry test
  • IT-supported audit processes


Digitalisation in office

In order to pass on our experience with digital business processes to our clients, we also have to do our homework by ourselves and constantly improve our office processes. This is where the innovative spirit of our employees, the IT environment and a coherent IT strategy are needed. Our most important tools:


  • DATEV EO comfort
  • In-house client scan cafe
  • Data exchange with FTAPI
  • High standards for data protection
  • Video conferencing system
  • Business Continuing System
  • Digital fee invoicing
  • Development of AI solutions
  • Full integration of home office
  • Integrated telephone system

We are open to continuous optimisation and are happy to exchange ideas with you.

Do you need support or have a digitisation proposal?

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